Why Gym Memberships Suck

Why Gym Memberships Suck!

Why Gym Memberships Suck!


Most gyms are set up with the hope that you won’t come to the gym. Their financial model is dependent on people NOT showing up!  If everyone came regularly, they wouldn’t have near the equipment for all their members and people would leave angry. You can spend a ton of money on your health or fitness and never be successful or reach your goals.


TAP Into Fitness and Nutrition (TAP) is the opposite of that model.  We want to assure that your financial investment RESULTS in success.  TAP is different than a ‘regular gym’.  We know it costs more, but the benefit far outweighs the costs.  Check out these factors you will never find at a regular gym.


1. Programming


If I were to ask you to lay out your program for the next training year. Where would you start? Would you research on google? Instagram? YouTube? Facebook?


Now, what if you could step past the internet and have a trained professional design a workout tailor made for you?  Not just a coach, but someone with the background, the experience, the education, the certifications, the time investment to be an expert in movement, nutrition and motivation.


These are all the reasons our clients love us the most. We take away all the worry, the doubt, the fear of the unknown. We have done the hours of research. We have tested and tried different things. We know what works and what doesn’t. We know what is trash and what is gold.


You don’t have to do years of research.  Just show up and give your all!  Dynamic, powerful, challenging full body workouts are designed every day for you.


Every day, the coach takes you through the subtleties of movements that makes them safer, more injury free, more powerful and more efficient.  And – he scales the workout to your ability level.  From couch potato to college gymnast, the workout can be adapted to fit your ability and still work within the community.


This is our passion and you will know it, this is what we’ve lived, breathed, and studied.  This is what we’ve tried, tested and proven.  And you get the benefit every day.


2. Confidence


Almost all of the people we meet on their first day at TAP want to become more confident in themselves. That is a great thing- because that is what we excel in at TAP.


We love nothing more than to see people crushing obstacles, challenges, and goals they never thought they could and then telling us how it has transferred into their daily life, work goals, self-esteem or marriage.


Some people come to TAP whose self-worth is in the tank. They feel the worst they’ve felt in years. Don’t let yourself hit rock bottom! It’s ok to get started no matter where you are in your journey of life. Some people have a modest or even strong sense of self but would love for it to grow.  Wherever your confidence level is now, it can grow stronger.


When your body changes, you walk a little taller. People notice and tell you that you look great.  Clothes fit better.  You just have that swagger.


This translates into athletic confidence at the family picnic, on the basketball court, dancing at the wedding, or dating a new person.  Confidence is very attractive.


Seriously, who doesn’t want to be confident, strong, fit, healthy, and able to handle every stressor thrown their way?


3. Motivation


At TAP, we take pride in our accomplishments because we are doing things that aren’t ordinary, that aren’t common, that most people wouldn’t wake up early to do.


TAP members push past their limits… and that keeps them coming back for more.  People in their twenties are trying movements they have never done before.  People in their fifties are hitting personal bests in fitness…accomplishing things they have not tried in years – or never been able to do in the past.


Some people come to TAP who have never done competitive sports and never consider themselves an athlete, but after a few months, they can see the changes in their body, their speed, their top lifts and their athletic accomplishments.  It builds pride.


This kind of pride is good. It’s kind of like building a house, a family, a project, finishing school and looking back with a sense of accomplishment. Not many people can say they feel accomplished every day and after every workout, but here at TAP we strive to see everyone feel accomplished when they are finished.


The TAP community often says they come daily because they would never push themselves this hard alone in a gym.  They might put in their earbuds and do something for an hour… but it is not personal record breaking…At TAP, you leave it all in the gym – the sweat pours out, your lungs search for oxygen, and your muscles know you have worked out.  It is a GREAT way to start (or end!) your day.


We stay motivated at TAP because of the thrill of victory on a daily basis and what we have accomplished over months/years of training.


4. Community


Most members and athletes will tell me this is really the most powerful one. The one that gets you to get up in the morning when you want to hit the snooze button. The one that motivates you to getting a few extra reps in a workout. The one that tests you to try a weight or a movement you might not have had been just you on your own.


Every day, you have a score based on the workout.  It is friendly-competitive.  Everyone cheers everyone on to do their best… and when you look out of the corner of your eye at someone going faster or stronger, you get motivated to do your best too – because they are your ally… and your competition!


There is a kinship in being with people who are working hard together and having similar goals. I always tell people that there is something that happens when you sweat together. A bond that is created and an unspoken sense of family.


5. Accountability


Community translates to accountability.  Not in a form of shaming and ridicule, in the form of love, genuine care, and concern.


“Hey, Coach Tom, where’s Lisa been?” will often be the question we get from our members who miss their comrades.  Members care if people are missing.  They are your cheerleaders- and people you miss when you are not there.  TAP members text each other, rib each other, and inspire each other to just show up.


This is such a great part of what we do here and I truly love our community for it.


We are all a team here working towards the same goal.


6. Commitment


You will find a different level of commitment from coach to athlete and from athlete to athlete here than at other gyms. More of a team and support than anything else and this is just another aspect of what makes TAP amazing and a community we love to call home


Let me ask this question: The last time you missed a workout, did your gym make sure everything was alright, or have you not heard from them since you needed to update your credit card for your next payment?


We truly believe our gym is built on your success. This is why we are committed to support you in every way we can.  We are committed to YOU so that you can be committed to your SUCCESS!




Say, YES with me! YES!


Would you like us to help you achieve your goals, dreams, and aspirations?




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