CrossFit versus Cross Training

Cross training versus CrossFit. What is the difference?

Cross training versus CrossFit. What is the difference?


Have you ever noticed that the world’s best athletes compete in multiple sports?  And they get better in one sport just by training in a different one. And that multiple sport athletes stay fit longer in life?  This idea of mastering multiple functional movements is “cross training” and it is the core of both Cross Fit and our philosophy at TAP (cross training).


Let’s start by defining CrossFit.  In the words of Greg Glassman, former CEO of CrossFit, [CrossFit is] “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement.”


Cross-training is athletic training in exercise, movements or modalities other than the athlete’s usual sport. The goal is improving overall performance. It takes advantage of the particular effectiveness of one training method to negate the shortcomings of another.


So, what is the difference between CrossFit and Crosstraining that we do at TAP? Actually, not a whole lot.  You get very similar workouts under both umbrellas. One major difference at TAP is we avoid certain exercises seen in the CrossFit Games or often done at your local affiliate because we have found there too much risk of injury. We like to think that TAP is Crossfit… only better!


Our community is very welcoming to people of any fitness level and not as intimidating as some CrossFits. Our coaches are totally willing to accommodate any injury or limitation and we modify workouts to help any one at any level with any goal.


Our workouts are “functional movements.” Functional means it is designed to be practical and useful, rather than attractive.  We focus on the same movements you will do every day until your 90s.  I love to say, “At TAP, your workouts never get easier, but life gets easier!”


Being able to run that flight of stairs with ease, being able to perform at the top of your game athletically, breaking personal bests into your fifties, being able to do sports with your buddies, your kids and your grandkids -all of it is so gratifying.


Marathon training is great if you want to run marathons.  Traditional bodybuilding programs focus on splitting body parts or working out on machines. If you are a bodybuilder, these have merit, but for most our member’s goals revolve around moving better, all around fitness and longevity.  But a beautifully fit body comes as a tremendous side effect!


When it comes to raw results, there is nothing more effective than training at a high intensity. I often say, “High intensity is the shortcut to results.” You can achieve the same result if you work out frequently for long periods of time, but I find most suburbanites prefer the high intensity route for their busy lifestyle.  When you do this, you not only burn calories at the gym, but for 48 hours afterwards.


Workouts are high-intensity but customized to each person.  We stretch every day to prepare our muscles, nervous system and prevent injury.  We help members to find that pace that is just sub maximal so you will get a great burn and be able to come back day after day.


One of our favorite aspects of TAP is the variety. Every day is different skills, different tools, different movements.  Sometimes individual, sometimes partner.  Sometimes strength, sometimes cardio, usually both.  Rarely do we repeat a workout and when we do it is to retest to see if we’re making improvements. We call these workouts “benchmarks.” We complete several different benchmarks yearly to test every member’s progress and growth. Every other day, we change workouts so that we never get bored.


Crossfit and cross training are nearly identical.  We prefer we train our bodies in the best and most efficient ways possible to see the best results in the shortest time possible ensuring we can still move well and kick butt well into our 90s.


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